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The ITUC hides its face and target

"Employees of the IMF"

The second Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation – ITUC was held in Vancouver, Canada, on June 21-25, 2010 with the participation of 692 delegates. Many people will wonder:

Some of them try to hide their own responsibilities now by suggesting the unification of the WFTU with ITUC. These people are not serious, and cannot make a theoretical analysis to see that the WFTU and the ITUC are two completely opposite views on the labor movement. The WFTU struggles against capitalism and the ITUC struggles for it. So why should they unite? Those who support these ideas either have no ability ideologically or try to hide their own responsibilities. They lack of the Marxist analysis of social classes.

Conclusion: The ITUC is not a labor union organization. It is a powerful mechanism of the international capitalist system. This is what they prove through their pro-capitalist positions, their performance, their anti-communism and the hatred of its leadership towards Cuba, Venezuela and socialism. This is proved by their anti-democratic role played by the ILO.

Therefore, there is no way to hide. We are all aware and we realize, so everyone can take over their own responsibilities.

Quim Boix

Spanish veteran trade unionist